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Commsworld sets the standard for connectivity at hugely successful 2023 UCI Cycling World Championships

Last month, Scotland made history by becoming the first country to ever host the inaugural UCI Cycling World Championships.

在11天的过程中, 总共举行了13个世界锦标赛项目, 在克里斯·霍伊爵士赛车场的室内场地自行车比赛, 到格拉斯哥公园骑小轮车, Elite Road Race events  in Glasgow’s city centre and across the central belt, 斯特林个人计时赛, 在威廉堡和格伦特雷斯森林骑山地自行车, 和在邓弗里斯的帕拉公路赛车 & Galloway.

Commsworld made history by becoming the first telecoms network provider to deliver connectivity for this new global event. The Edinburgh-headquartered company is a regular provider of connectivity for high-profile events – including golf’s Open Championship, UEFA Euro 2020 and TRNSMT – but the UCI Cycling World Championships, combining indoor and outdoor cycling within a concentrated 11-day period, 是第一次有这么大的规模吗.

In total, the World Championships were watched by an audience of millions on TV and online around the world, 以及那些前往博天堂入口各地粉丝区的人, 以及在场地和路上观看现场活动, as more than 200 rainbow jerseys were awarded to the new world champions.

举办一届成功的锦标赛, Commsworld was tasked with providing a Wide Area Network (WAN) capable of providing the bandwidth necessary to facilitate global TV broadcasts – by the Host Broadcaster, EBU, (European Broadcasting Union)  to the BBC and to partner networks around the world,  包括在线直播活动.

Commsworld还提供互联网接入, and Local Area Network (LAN) and on-site WiFi connectivity for broadcasters, 事件操作, media, UCI, hospitality and technical teams at a number of venues across Scotland.

作为一项就职活动,没有现成的模板可循. 不仅如此, 活动在全国各地举行, with two of the most remote Championships taking place at the Nevis Range near Fort William and Glentress Forest in the Scottish Borders.

Commsworld的团队接受了这项任务,并表现出色. The result was highly resilient connectivity of 10 gigabits to key Championship venues in Glasgow, 包括乔治广场, 克里斯·霍伊爵士赛车场, 格拉斯哥绿地和小轮车中心, 以及位于该市的BBC博天堂入口总部.

These venues were linked to its ultra-fast UK-wide Optical Core Network, which allowed Commsworld to maintain full control and deliver scalable bandwidth to keep connectivity fast-flowing and reliable. 结果在电视和网络上都得到了可靠的报道.

Meanwhile, venues at Glentress Forest and the Nevis Range were connected through fibre transported by Commsworld staff up steep hills and into wooded areas. Delivering connectivity to areas with such challenging terrain geography was a major achievement for the team.

Commsworld worked with the UCI and Cycling World Championships to establish effective design and implementation of the LAN environments at selected venues. LANs were also connected to Commsworld’s Optical Core Network, which allowed for the flexibility needed for a massive upsurge in connectivity as events neared their climax.

Commsworld engineers covered each of the sites in person for 16 hours a day, providing the project management and professional service expertise to every single event, as well as the technical resource to help those who needed it on site.

In total, 50人提供2个以上,000小时支持, laid 45,000m结构电缆, 超过10公里的光纤电缆, 137个无线接入点, 36个开关, 1以上配置,000个交换机端口, 连接5,779客户端连接WiFi. More than 200 hours of cycling was live streamed and footage from the 2023 UCI Cycling World Championships was broadcast all over the world.

Once the cyclists had all crossed the finish line and the media and spectators had headed off to the next event, Commsworld的工作还没有完成. Staff had plenty of work still to do dismantling the infrastructure put in place, 事情过后通常都是这样, 将场地恢复到赛前状态.

感谢他们的专业精神和奉献精神, the result was 11 days of excellent and unrestricted coverage that contributed to the 2023 Cycling World Championships being one of the top 10 most watched sporting events in the world this year, showcasing Scotland’s worldwide standing as a major event host.

布鲁斯·斯特朗, Commsworld首席运营官, said: “The 2023 UCI Cycling World Championships are a clear demonstration of how Commsworld delivers reliable service in challenging conditions and timescales. Our excellent team planned meticulously – no stone was left unturned to make sure that the connectivity was efficient, 在整个11天内,系统恢复良好,100%正常运行.

“This was a high-profile and fast-paced environment and I cannot commend our people enough for their professionalism and can do attitude throughout the event.

“We have shown our capabilities at providing connectivity for a championships of this magnitude to not only a local but global audience, from multiple venues in some of Scotland’s remotest locations. 我要对我在Commsworld的团队说,干得好, congratulations to the UCI and 2023 Cycling World Championships, and congratulations to Scotland for making these inaugural championships so special.”